Grant Prep and Instructions


1 - Review the grant eligibility requirements
If you haven't already, be sure to review the grant eligibility requirements to verify that you or your organization meets the necessary qualifications to be considered for a grant. If you have questions about eligibility, please contact us.


2 - Review the grant application
Before you begin, it's best to thoroughly review the questions and required information in the application form. This is a fill-in-the-blank online form which must be completed in one "sitting" or internet session. Creating offline practice documents, especially for the longer questions, can be helpful.


3 - Complete and submit your application
Complete the application and submit. You will receive a confirmation email of your submission, which will contain a copy of your application answers. If for some reason you do not receive an email confirmation at the contact email address you listed on your application, contact Niki Price at 541-921-2006. 


4 - Attend LCCC's public grant hearing

Mark your calendar for the LCCC's public grant hearing on (in November - date TBD) at the Newport Performing Arts Center. You will receive an invitation to the meeting approximately one week prior. Applicants are not required to attend this hearing; however, if you are in attendance, the committee may call upon you to provide further information or answer questions about your application. If you would like to attend this meeting but require an accommodation to do so, contact us or call Niki Price at 541-921-2006.