PART ONE: Priorities to be addressed by Cultural Partners in making grant applications to the Coalition

PRIORITY 1: Improve access to cultural experiences

Strategy 1: Involve diverse audiences, including community leaders
Strategy 2: Encourage affordable admission prices
Strategy 3: Improve transportation options
Strategy 4: Support and celebrate diverse programming

➡ Quantitative Benchmark: Increase attendance at culturally diverse events by 1200 or more attendees annually
➡ Qualitative Indicator of Success: More diverse programming and inclusion of new audience members

PRIORITY 2: Raise the level of cultural awareness for youth (preschool through 12)

Strategy 1: Develop internships
Strategy 2: Tap into expertise of elders and foster twenty-five or more intergenerational (incl. one-on-one) exchanges
Strategy 3: Develop and strengthen existing after school and summer programs
Strategy 4: Meet the Artists, Historians, and Authors
Strategy 5: Explore outdoor events for younger audiences (Example: Newport Library)

➡ Quantitative Benchmark: Develop ten internships in current year
➡ Quantitative Benchmark: Twenty-five or more intergenerational exchanges in school 
➡ Quantitative Benchmark: Increase student involvement in existing cultural events
➡ Quantitative Benchmark: Twenty-five or more students will have exchanges with artists, historians and authors
➡ Qualitative Indicator of Success: Acquiring new cultural skills will have enriched ten 
➡ Qualitative Indicator of Success: Increased intergenerational understanding of culture between and elders
➡ Qualitative Indicator of Success: Culturally challenged youth of Lincoln County will be exposed to and participate in cultural activities
➡ Qualitative Indicator of Success: Inspire and encourage continued personal involvement in cultural creativity

PRIORITY 3: Facilitate infrastructure improvements

• Strategy 1: Obtain equipment, supplies
• Strategy 2: Make improvements to sites


PART TWO:  Priorities for the Coalition to accomplish

PRIORITY 1: Coordinate outreach, dissemination, and promotion of information

Strategy 1: Develop a Lincoln County Cultural Coalition website
Strategy 2: Publish Cultural Directory
Strategy 3: Publish and distribute a County Cultural Calendar
Strategy 4: Schedule grant application workshops (educational and informational sessions) for cultural partners
Strategy 5: Secure feedback from cultural partners by scheduling periodic town hall meetings around the county
Strategy 6: Coordinate / publicize programs
Strategy 7: Publish and distribute a brochure

➡ Quantitative Benchmark: Create a staff position
➡ Qualitative Indicator of Success: Update website, maintain Cultural Directory, and increase recipients of Cultural Calendar emails
➡ Quantitative Benchmark: Present a three-event program in different parts of the County.  Increase attendance at Chautauqua events throughout the County by coordinated publicity
➡ Qualitative Indicator of Success: Bring free, outdoor, three-event series to different locations. Create attractive brochure publicizing Chautauqua events. Publish cultural calendars. Fulfill wishes and needs of county residents.

PRIORITY 2: Expand resources by seeking additional monetary and in-kind funding

• Strategy 1: Seek out collaborations and partnerships for promotion of cultural tourism
• Strategy 2: Research grant possibilities
• Strategy 3: Schedule fundraising events
• Strategy 4: Develop a volunteer base
• Strategy 5: Strengthen support of cultural facilities in the county
• Strategy 6: Encourage and promote historic preservation in the county
• Strategy 7: Seek grant through Western States Arts Federation

➡ Quantitative Benchmark: Establish a fundraising mechanism
➡ Qualitative Indicator of Success: Raise funds for priorities outlined

PRIORITY 3: Facilitate the coordination of cultural events in the county

• Strategy 1: Explore partnerships with schools
• Strategy 2: Facilitate networking between cultural partners
• Strategy 3: Coordinate Chautauqua programs offered by Lincoln County cultural 

PRIORITY 4: Recognize cultural organizations for outstanding work

From time to time the Lincoln County Cultural Coalition will consider making awards to organizations best exemplifying the work of the Cultural Coalition and reflective of the Cultural Plan

• Criterion 1: Years of activity
• Criterion 2: Quality of service/activity offered
• Criterion 3: Reflection of cultural plan in action

PRIORITY 5:  Act as the primary advocate for Culture (Arts, History, and Humanities) 

  • Strategy 1:  Advocate for increased funding for Culture
  • Strategy 2:  Increase Cultural advocacy among the public, elected officials and in the 
  • Strategy 3:  Provide opportunities for all cultural partners to benefit from synergistic results of networking